Tools for School Administrators

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School ID Cards & Photos
New: Suicide Prevention Lifeline Info on each ID.
Student IDs on Phones.
All Student IDs on Admin iPhone w/subscription.

Free iOS app.

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Seeker for School Emergencies
Track Students During A Lockdown, Earthquake or Other Emergency

Free iOS app.

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Tardy Sweep for Late Students
Assign Tardies to Students All Around Campus

Free iOS app.

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Detention Room
Track detentions served by students.

Free iOS app.

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Assign Student Detention
Assign detentions to students around campus.

Free iOS app.

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Seeker for Elementary Schools
Great for Emergencies.
Good for Daily Attendance.

Free iOS app.

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Hall Locker & Locker Room

Make Locker Assignments Easy and Organized

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$499 ea. Annual License for Hall Locker or Locker Room;
$799 Bundled
Addl Set Up Fees May Apply

Perpetual licensing available; contact us using info to the right.
Call, text, or email for custom set up and installation:

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Contains Radar, Seeker, Pictures and Tardy Sweep.
Keep Track of Students for $1.25 per Student per Year.
Call or email for custom service contract:

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