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Spring Term 2018

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School ID Photos and Cards (Update)

  • Make IDs on the spot
  • Share electronic ID on student phone
  • Use photos for yearbook
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Tardy Sweep for Late Students

  • Tardy Sweeps all around campus
  • Print tardy slips wirelessly
  • Automatically assign detentions

Summer Term 2018

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Detention Room

  • Find a student/log them into detention room
  • Search for student by name/DOB/barcode
  • Verify by picture
  • Send detentions to SIS
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Assign Student Detention

  • Create a list of possible detention reasons
  • Search for student by name/DOB/barcode
  • Verify by picture
  • Assign detention on the spot
  • Protect data with PIN
  • Import detentions
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Student Lists

  • Create unlimited lists
  • Track students at events & off campus
  • Time stamp updated lists

Absentee Notes

  • Create Absentee Notes
  • Print/mail Notes to others

Fall Term 2018

Roster Recall

  • Remember Student Names using "Flashcard" photos
  • Organize Students by Class

Student Notes

  • Make Student Notes with Text & Photos
  • Tag notes with user defined categories
  • Share notes publicly or keep private