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School ID

  • iOS 13 fixes for image imports V4.2.2
  • iOS 13 fixes for csv imports V4.2.1
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Tardy Sweep

  • iOS 13 fixes for automatic printing V1.5.2
  • Improve period accuracy to 1 minute V1.5.3
  • Dark Mode V1.6.0

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  • Create a mug book view with class filters V1.8.0
  • Find/release students anywhere on campus V1.8.0
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Seeker Elementary

  • Create mug book view with teacher filters V1.2.0
  • Release students orderly V1.2.0

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Add Detention Room

  • Manage the Detention Room(s) V1.0.3
  • Set the Person In Charge of Monitoring the Room V1.0.3
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Detention Room

  • Assign Detentions to Students V1.0
  • Check Students In/Out of Detention V1.0