Tools for School Administrators

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Hall Locker & Locker Room
Make Locker Assignments Easy and Organized
  • Automate Locker Distribution
  • Assign Lockers to Groups
  • Block Groups for Future Assignments
  • Track Broken Lockers
  • Print Locker/Student Contracts
  • Print Locker Statistics
  • View Locker Status
  • Reissue Daily or Yearly

Contains Radar, Seeker, Tardy, and Pictures, to help with the following Student Data …
  • Name
  • Grade
  • Age
  • Photos
  • Class Schedule
  • Emergency Contact Info
  • Motivational Notes
  • Medical/Special Needs Info
  • Room Numbers
  • Teachers

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Tardy Sweep for Late Students
Quick and effective.
Get students to class faster.
Tardy Sweep for Late Students
An iOS
app for tardy sweeps around campus.
It inputs your student data from a CSV file exported from your SIS.
It shares that information with other admins using Tardy wirelessly.

• Import your student roster.
• Coordinates tardy and detention data with other admin devices.
• Creates and sends email tardy/detention reports.
• Set up periods, detention room, & tardy locations.
• Select periods for tardy sweeps.
• Assigns a detention based on number of tardies.
• Time/date/admin name stamps tardy slips.

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