Tools for School Administrators

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Quick and effective; get students to class faster.

Tardy is an iOS app and acts as your Control Center or Mother Ship. It inputs your student data from a file exported from your SIS. It shares that information with Tardy Taker OTA.

• Imports your student roster.
• Coordinates tardy and detention data with other devices.
• Creates and controls reports.
• Handles payments for the program.
• Sets school schedules, period, home room, advisory, etc.
• Sets start and end times.
• Assigns a detention based on number of tardies.
• Shares this information out to TardyTaker devices.
• Time and date stamps tardy students and issues tardy slips.

Tardy sweeps cost schools lots of money, which usually cascades into more serious problems. When students are late everybody loses. Good School Tools provides you with the solutions you need.